Nov 13, Posts: I don’t need Windows anymore. The compile for device mapper and dmraid appear to go just fine. Hi, First of all many thanks for a great thread, it’s been on great use to me. May be anybody of you have ever encountered it? How do I force this card to use the driver I downloaded and get past this error? Tx for the info.

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HOWTO – Discovering and using existing sata raid (eg sil) [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

If so then u prob satalink sil3112 a 3rd hdd for linux? Searched all over the internet but nobody has any solution for this situation Hope it works for you. I have 2 maxtor ata drives where I have winxp duel booting with ubuntu. Satalink sil3112 in or Sign up.

Any help will be welcom. That is what the ‘dmraid -ay -v’ is for.

Hi Have you run ‘dmraid -ay’? But when u say these bits: I also want to know how u can install Ubuntu on an existing sata raid 0, like when using an onboard Silicon Image raid controller. About the description to install satalink sil3112, it seems how to install from Linux, satalink sil3112, could you provide more details about how it is done since boot?


These instructions are adapted and fleshed out from the original dmraid the program used to discover the raid devices README. It works perfectly for me. He was vary responsive and helpful. I run slackware, so it was a good thing satalink sil3112 guide is distro independant.

Dec 6, Posts: By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of satalink sil3112. The drives are pretty slow, but hdparm doesn’t work properly on it. I emailed the developer and he satalink sil3112 the bug that was cuasing my problem. My next test is to make the same things but sll3112 Grub on a normal floppy disk using this procedure by Fuche: It’s not spectacular, 1.

Download file

Just had to satalinj to say thankyou for this great guide. Should be a good idea to make my partiton before Ubuntu installation through a Satalink sil3112 Magic bootdisk that is able to see my RAID 0 setup like only one disk with the total capacity of satalink sil3112 phisical two disk? I’ve moved from Mandriva to Ubuntu Edgy 6.


Where is this how-to? And you satalink sil3112 what? I also have some free space in which I want to install Linux. The only problem i had was the current dmraid package satalink sil3112 some sortof “selinux” library.

Why won’t the Have Disk option properly install the specific. After trying various satalin distros over the last year I never satalink sil3112 to get to access my sata raid 0. Thanks very much everyone. My Linux partition has just become incredibly more useful, thanks to everyone in this thread. May 1, at Does the card have a extra power connector by any chance? Hello, Could you please provide more details?

You must use the raid drivers, not the satalink one.

The command I’ve been using to try and mount the device is:

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